Case Study 3

A few months back Start Grow Run encountered a client that 'just needed google adwords.' This client was adamant that that was the solution to achieving business growth. After a couple of meetings with this client, Start Grow Run established that the client actually needed another solution before he could move into Google AdWords. That solution was a website capable of displaying Ads that would make him money.

Conducting a strategic analysis on his industry, Start Grow Run quickly identified niches and marketing opportunities for the client's upcoming AdWords. Designing, programming and developing a new website, the client found that his image was improved and brand recognition was penetrating deeper with current clients. Lastly, Start Grow Run prepared and managed Google AdWords for the client - and he had 6 calls within 48 hours. Without the research, advice and tool development undertaken, it is highly improbable that this client would have achieved the success he did in such a short time frame.