Case Study 4

Accounting - to cloud or not to cloud?

With more than two decades of experience in utilising and customising accounting software,  Start Grow Run has worked with nearly every software product on the market.

Recently, Start Grow Run transitioned a client from a 'mind your own business' platform to a cloud accounting platform, and the benefits have already been realised.

With the elimination of data files; transitional errors and version-control problems have become a thing of the past. Information uploaded by our qualified accounts team is accessible in real-time with no 'data entry' lags and information is viewed with just a few clicks.

Kyle Clarke, Director of Accounting at Start Grow Run says, "old-fashioned software that makes you ‘mind your own business’ (code for 'manually doing your own bookkeeping') puts your business at a disadvantage because your accounting data lags behind reality. A modern business needs information that is real-time, accurate and always up-to-date."

As a result of Start Grow Run’s customised applications; data entry, manual corrections and file updates have been eliminated.  This has saved our client thousands of dollars in data entry work and made the accounting process transparent, simple and accessible.